A campaign website for Nike HBL on WeChat, Weibo, Tmall and Taobao.

Project developed with R/GA Shanghai and R/GA Singapore.

Called in Chinese marketing terms, a H5, this website lets you create your own journey as a Highschool Basketball (HBL) player through a series of interactive screens and animations. There are more than 700 possible stories depending on the choices you make.

HBL is a big deal in China with large arenas and fanatical support. It's pretty similar to the what's going on in the US.
The great challenges of this project was working with Shanghai and Singapore Team, different timezone compare to Brazil (11 hours +), understanding the China Market and support for main platforms on China (WeChat, Weibo, Tmall and Taobao).

I was proud to work with Singapore and Shanghai R/GA Teams developing this project.

Frontend Stack

  • React/Redux
  • Webpack
  • Sass
  • Gsap TweenMax for animations
  • Differents Route transitions with React Router, SVG and React Transition Group
  • Video control via HTML5 Video Api

The result was a great project and a productive work relationship with Singapore and Shanghai R/GA Teams.


  • Cannes Lion - Digital Craft: Motion Graphics Design & Animation - Shortlist