Year with Uber is a story-driven experience with a modular structure that surprise and delight users.

To reward Uber riders, was created an annual retrospective that was a cut above - transforming trip data into personalised, animated music videos that brought to life memorable moments enabled by the ridesharing service.
Drawing inspiration from the vibrancy and diversity of the region, we created a multitude of stylized Asia-Pacific locations, scenarios and characters, added a modular original music composition, and built a bespoke engine to splice them together, infinitely.

My role in this project was to create the internacionalization (i18n) module for website.
The project use React and I created a High Order Component that read language files based on language of user selected.

I created a structure that made it easy to update the website texts for 5 different languages: English, Hong Kong, Indian, Thailand and Vietnam.

This project was developed for Asian and Oceania countries.

Articles about the campaign


  • Webby Awards - Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics - Honoree
  • Spikes Asia - Bronze Spike
  • Webby Awards - Corporate Communications - Honoree